The best Inventory Softwares

When shopping for inventory software, sometimes it can be hard to know which one provides you with the most bang for your buck. Sometimes it even depends on what you personally need from your inventory software, or maybe you just need to lay a base and see what needs improving later. Well there are plenty of choices out there, but let’s discuss the ones that can help the most.


Wasp Inventory Control:

The Wasp Inventory Control system is great for those both new to inventory software, as well as those who are experienced with it. Supporting one user, Wasp comes fully integrated with a barcode printer and scanner; and is great for small shipping, retail, manufacturing, even contracting. By allowing the user to define certain inventory sites (i.e. warehouse, shipping, stock room, floor), you can start to categorize and separate inventory almost immediately.

Wasp also provides wireless connection to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to print and scan without carrying the scanner and printer around. While Wasp is primarily used for small businesses (5-99 people), it is a great beginner’s inventory system.



This software was recommended to me by my Johns Creek pc repair expert friend. While other softwares rely on disks and physical memory, TradeGecko is a Cloud based network. For those who don’t know, a Cloud based network means that all of your data and memory is stored on an electronic “cloud,” meaning you don’t have to have the same physical medium, (i.e. laptop, desktop, phone or tablet). As long as you can log into your account you are able to access your profile and information from any device that can connect to the internet. Meaning you can do business almost anywhere, at anytime.

So if you’re looking for something a little more flexible and easily accessed, TradeGecko wouldn’t be a bad place to start. TradeGecko also offers 14 day free trials for those who are interested but not wanting to buy until they know more about it. They also offer services for computer and software repair, if your computer or device is unable to run TradeGecko.



Fishbowl is a bit different than the other 2 softwares we’ve discussed so far. Rather than a full inventory system, it is a complete inventory management system, but one based around keeping QuickBooks for your accounting system. It’s designed to be flexible enough to be integrated into a lot of different system types, and work based on how you need it too, rather than work in only one way.

Because of this Fishbowl easily provides users with cycle counting, asset management, custom reports. With the addition of monthly updates and hotfixes, you’re Fishbowl account will never be out of date, and your company can continue to progress. Making a inventory-centric program even easier to maneuver and access. With this kind of flexibility, it’s a better all-around program than most other system and software managements programs.


In the end research and testing will always yield the best and highest results when it comes to finding out what you specifically need. Thankfully most inventory software systems allow you to take a free trial and find out if this program is right for you.

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